Summer Plans, Summer Not

Dear Blogosphere,

There are a couple of guys that I will always have a crush on. They include: Ethan Embry, Ewan McGregor, and... Jakob Dylan. I am so excited for this summer because The Wallflowers will be playing at Red Butte Garden! Here is one of my favorite songs of theirs:

So, I'm very excited to go to that concert. If I had a boyfriend, I'd definitely go to the Etta James one, but I'm not sure if I want to be alone listening to "At Last." I've been thinking about all the fun things I will do this summer. I am planning a two night trip to Park City (cheap, cheap condo rentals!). Definitely going to hit up the Deer Valley concert series (student tickets are fairly cheap). I'm excited for the jazz festival, too. I might be going down to St. George over Memorial Day weekend. If I go, I'll have to talk my mom into drive to Vegas for a day. I need to celebrate my 21st birthday before I'm 22! Anyway, I can't wait to have some fun.

I'm also going to apply for a couple of jobs. I found one that seems right up my alley. Basically, I walk around Salt Lake County with a computer, knocking on doors, and interviewing study participants for the National Children's Study. I think it would be interesting, just on a personal level, to talk to women about their pregnancies. Indeed, it is highly possible that interviewing mothers (or working with interviews of mothers) will be part of my master's thesis. It pays super well, too, $14-$16 an hour and is part-time. I think I'm fairly qualified for it.

If I don't get it, I'll try to get a job at the U bookstore. Stocking textbooks or working in the computer area sounds would be cool.

I've thought about getting a summer boyfriend. To quote Bernard Black (except swapping the gender): "I've got to get a boyfriend, just for the summer, until this wears off. He'll be a summery boy. He'll have hair. He'll have summery friends who know how to be outside. He'll play tennis and wear shorts and have bare feet, and in the autumn, I'll ditch him, because he's my summer boy!"

Ah, summer plans, summer not.


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The Damsel said...

Hey! I just found your blog! I'm so happy!