On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Dear Blogosphere,

So the time has come. It is the final lap. Actually, it is an uber final lap, though not the final lap to end all final laps. What on Earth am I talking about, you ask? Well, the end of the semester is rapidly approaching. I've got 2 exams, 4 papers, and a whole lot of misc.

For one of my classes I have the option of a) writing a 6-8 page book report or b) writing an 8-10 page literature review. I found a book that looked very interesting, but I can't seem to bring myself to read an entire book. Though the literature review will probably take more time, it seems like more fun. Journal articles are perfect for people with low attention spans.

So I have 16 articles on how divorce and attachment affect children and 10 articles on how attachment affects divorcing/separating adults. Very interesting and VERY controversial. If you have any ideas or comments on this paper topic, feel free to share. I may use your comment as a quotation to start my paper.


2 remarks:

jennifer said...

natalie i didn't see ben on the video. am i missing something?

also. I LOVE YOUR HEADER! its perfect and fits your blog title exceptionally well!

Natalie said...

KSL removed it. :-( Thanks for the comment on my header. I love wordle.net!