My Life is Fantastic. Exhibit B.

What is the point of this story?
What information pertains?
The thought that life could be better
is woven indelibly
into our hearts and our brains.

Another wonderful day. Let's just say any day that ends with me lounging, sipping on a blue bombsicle, chatting with my San Diego Caitlin, and dipping TJ's tortilla chips in homemade mango salsa is a fantastic day.

Don't believe me? Check these photographs out!

YUM! Megan's Dad's Mango Salsa
Tahoe Caitlin and I made that delicious salsa as well as tasty tilapia tacos (the triple 't's) and tried a new cocktail -- the bombsicle. It was... is delicious. UV Blue, raspberry flavored vodka, and lemonade. Basically, it's Louie-Bloo Raspberry with benefits. Lots of benefits that lead to Tahoe Caitlin and me showing off our sweet dance moves to Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Band on my new shag carpet. My new shag carpet...

It's like Astroturf! And that bright blue drink? Bomb-tastic. 
Tahoe Caitlin and I christened the carpet with a picnic. SWANKY. So swanky. Also, we checked out my books and albums... which is always fun. Flipped through my copy of Lawrence V's book (brilliant, totally brilliant) and listened to Paul Simon. My heart is warmed by the fact that I have friends who will listen to The Simon with me (hence the lyrics at the beginning of this post).

Blogging in style. Thanks for the tip, Kayla!
Tomorrow is going to be pretty low key (except for the sure to be amazing party!). It's weird that I'm sort of looking forward to a day of work. Well, and leftover mango salsa. :-) I have purpose! I also have textbooks to buy. Happy Friday! Or... Saturday morning!

6 remarks:

Kayla said...

Hahaha! You are awesome. I'm wearing them right now! We should get extra points for being so awesome. Also, Paul Simon = my love.

Anonymous said...

I love your lime green rug!

Emily said...

Your rug is awesome! And your salsa looks tasty! And I love your new Tiffany's purchase!

Katie said...

Loved, loved, loved having you over last night! My favorite part was the shark dissection discussion and demonstration of kicks/ballet moves.

Caitlin said...

I am so happy to be your San Diego Caitlin.

Em said...

I want that salsa right now!! Also your place looks pretty sweet :)