Welcome to 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm back in the land of palm trees, bicycles, and rain! No more of this:

Crazy blizzard whilst driving
I've done four loads of laundry (seriously, new year's resolution! do not procrastinate on laundry) and cleaned my apartment. Last night began my main resolution to adopt a normal sleeping schedule! Midnight to 7 or 8 AM. How glorious does that sound?

Anyway, my sister asked how my apartment was looking and I have to say, never better! I spent most of yesterday cleaning/vacuuming/laundering/scrubbing/etc. Pictures as proof (and because I love sharing life in 390 sq ft)!

Thanks, Ali, for the rabbits to hold my rings! And, thanks mom, for the "compact" and earrings!
I love my wine rack.
My kitchen with my new mugs (thanks, Em and TJ!) and groovy laptop sleeve. 
My kitschy kitchen feels so tiny after two weeks of cooking in my mom's.
Garage (haha) and living and dining rooms.
Back to work then off to Trader Joe's, suckers! :-)

3 remarks:

Emily said...

Your apartment looks great! Perfect for starting a new and fabulous quarter! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you! I love your apartment!

The Damsel said...

Looking SO GOOD! Ha ha. I need to get to decorating.