Te Amo

Because anything looks classy in my wine glasses.
I went grocery, etc, shopping yesterday evening and gave into my love of conversation hearts. I had three options: en EspaƱol, BIG hearts, and sparkly, tart ones. I'm not a fan of the large ones, and the idea of my candy being sparkly freaks me out a tad, so Spanish it was!

One of my most memorable dates involved an entire "conversation" in conversation hearts. We went to a movie and passed them to and fro, the conversation getting hotter and heavier, until he dared to pass me the "Kiss Me" conversation heart.



Happy Tuesday!

3 remarks:

Emily said...

I love Valentine's Day candy! And I love the tart ones!

Anonymous said...

Things do look classy in wine glasses - and the candy looks divine. Valentine candy and decorations are very charming. . . .

Caitlin said...