Winter Quarter

Well, I am about to head off to campus for the first time in 2011. Woot woot.

This quarter is sure to be crazy! I'm taking an advanced stats course on multilevel models, human development in an evolutionary perspective, and, of course, independent research. I'm going to be a study coordinator, a teaching assistant, and I will have made a sweet poster to present in Montreal by the end. I'll have a decent draft of my thesis finished and I'll also have my thesis committee formed. Last quarter, I lost just a little over 10 lbs so I hope to lose another 10-15 this quarter! AND... I may find out if I'm going to be working on a PhD and, if so, where that's going to go down. Eek!

I've started a journal. Hopefully it will end better than my last one, which got cut up, turned into modern art, and promptly disposed of. Ha ha. Anyway, It's a photographic journal. I have my nifty instant camera, which I'm excited to experiment with, and I basically take a shot and write about it. So far, I have three entries. I'm going to be pretty lax about it, only shoot and write when I feel like it, but I'm hoping to have something at least once-a-week.

Also, I joined zipcar, so I'm excited to explore a little here and there via automobile. I haven't really seen much of Sacramento or other towns nearby. There shall be photographic evidence of my adventures, friends!

Well, those are my quarter plans. We'll see how many of them come to fruition! :-)

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