Pushing Daisies

Ahhhhhhh, I love this show. So fantastical and tragic and terribly romantic. Oh, and charming.

Only three more episodes left. Then I think I'll move on to Dead Like Me. I also want to watch Six Feet Under but I'm not sure I'm ready to see Michael C. Hall in a different light...

There seems to be a common thread in my favorite shows. Just a little macabre.

I'm taking a break to finish the second half of this episode, blog, and research recipes. I'm thinking about making the following at some point this quarter:

I'm particularly excited to start quiche-ing it up. Oh! I'm also looking for a good risotto recipe... so if you have one, please pass it along!

Happy Monday!

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday to you, too! I hope you have a fantastic week!

Caitlin said...

Aw, please please watch Six Feet Under. You will heart it forever, I promise! What sorta risotto do you want to make?