Back in the States and Chicken (#16!)

Just a bunch of fun random photographs from yesterday. I'm still pretty exhausted from traveling but I think by tomorrow I'll be back to normal... I hope!

Awesome Canadian snacks.
was a little warning on the back.
Obligatory plane photo.
Goodbye Montreal!
Greeted by birds of paradise in San Jose.
Warm and sunny. Yay, California!
Made dinner with Caitlin.
Got over my fear of touching raw chicken!
Just pretended that it was never part of a living thing...
Or that I was going to consume it later!
We make mad delicious good foodstuffs.
 And back to the grind!

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Caitlin said...

I just caught up on your blog posts! Your trip to Canada looks like it was a ton of fun. Have you not worked with raw chicken before? You should listen to the This American Life podcast about Thanksgiving related topics (Poultryfest 2003, I think). So, so good!