The Tough Decision

Well, it is official! I will be working on my PhD at UC Davis! I'm very excited, totally thrilled. I made the decision yesterday but was encouraged to hold off for a bit. I got the go ahead this afternoon and considered holding off until lab meeting on Tuesday, but you know me... keeping it a secret for almost a week would kill me!

It was the hardest decision of my life but, in the end, the pros at Davis outweighed the pros at Auburn. I got advice from lots of people but ultimately it came down to a gut feeling and a little bit of logic. Here is what my pro list at Davis looked like:

*Great mentor already + great mentorship style
*No repeating coursework
*Involved in cool projects
*Can get completely into research now
*I know I like the people
*Don’t need to move
*Cute apartment
*No need for a car
*Location – close to Salt Lake
*9th best public university in the US
*Engaging in entire research process
*Know my body likes it here
*Medical center
*Best farmers market
*I know I love it

Some of these things are silly, of course. But things like the farmers market make life so much more pleasurable especially on difficult days.

I am very fortunate to not only get the opportunity to go for a PhD, but to have the option to choose between programs. I think Auburn would have been a great fit for me, too. I had two great choices. 

So what's next? Besides regular school/research/teaching stuff, I'll be studying for the big, scary preliminary exam this summer. This exam is over multiple days and tests your knowledge of lifespan development. I would say it's comparable to the bar exam. Maybe. I'll also be moving in late June from my sweet little studio apartment to a big, spacious 1-bedroom. Then I hope to spend a good part of July in Salt Lake, holding my niece while I reread about development from preconception through 5 years. Aww!

Lots of excitement ahead! Now to write some emails to my friends in Alabama. Yikes, I feel like such a tease...

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

"Let there be light" - hooray for U C Davis!

Emily said...

Congrats on your decision! I know you won't regret it!