My adviser has a lot of sneaky and awesome ways to motivate us. This is the latest tactic. My little, enthusiastic/terrifying monster reminding me to keep on keeping on. He's quite thrilled that by Friday I will have all of my planned analysis listed for my thesis. He's even more thrilled that I'll have a draft of my thesis completed by May 10. I will also be presenting my thesis for feedback to my lab group. This is real. It's happening. Nothing like a presentation (and a monster) to motivate me.

Data collection is exhausting. Fortunately I only have about a week left. I've been running around campus all day since I've been back. It's fun in that I've been hanging out with the amazing Teri all day long. But I am looking forward to normality and being able to focus on my thesis.

One other bit of exciting news is that I'm finally going to dust off my tap shoes and hall my feet to a tap class. It's going to be fantastic to have an hour a week to focus on something besides grad school and other worries. Oy, are my taps are thrilled to get back on the dance floor!

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I understand that the shim sham shimmy is fun to do!

Emily said...

Yea for tap! And yea for little monsters!