The Happiest Place on Earth

Thanks for noticing us.
There's a lot of ways to write about one of the best weekends of your life. I considered several of these for this epic blog post of fantastic while I lay on my shag rug for several hours last night wondering if I was going to be able to walk today. When my family does Disneyland, we do Disneyland. To the point of shin splints. Awesome!

I think I'll start with the highlights then post the random pictures I took (my mom took the normal kind, like the one above). So, voila, the highlights!

  1. Hanging out with my younger sister and mom for a weekend. No stress, (almost) no work to do. It was fun to chat and run around riding rides and eating delicious foodstuffs with them. As we walked out of the park yesterday afternoon, my younger sister and I found ourselves doing the typical child thing of finding random things to do to avoid leaving. Like a $0.25 vibrating machine to cure foot pain. "Wait! One more time!" My mom remarked, as we walked down Main Street U.S.A., "This is the happiest place on Earth." Agreed. And, I'll add, it's only that way because of my fantastic family.
  2. Gluten-free friendliness! I have to say, there are lots of delicious snacks at Disneyland and fortunately they take good care of us Celiac diseased persons. I ate pizza, a chicken sandwich, enchiladas, a turkey leg, and ratatouille *with* a tasty savory sort of cornbread. All gluten-free. Whenever you request anything gluten-free, they bring out the chef who prepares your meal her/himself. It is so easy and carefree. Like a vacation should be.
  3. WORLD OF COLOR! Seriously the best show I've seen at a Disney park. They have really outdone themselves. It's a fountain show. A HUGE fountain show. With fire. And a movie. And a cheesy soundtrack. Ali and I got prime standing spots. Our eyebrows were singed and we were soaked by the end of it. It was amazing. This description isn't doing it justice. Let's just say, this is what my face looked like during most of it: :-O
  4. Silly moments! (1) Ali read a few select parts of the Heart of Darkness to us on Jungle Cruise. (2) I got a Mint Julep and Ali got beignets in New Orleans Quarter. We were hungry so we fought over the cherries in my Mint Julep ("You got beignets! I'm keeping my cherries." "Can I have a mint leaf?" "Sure."). My mom took the lemon and dropped it in the beignet bag full of powdered sugar. And ate it. We challenged her to do it again. Apparently she'll only do that once a vacation. (3) And just ridiculous things we said and we heard others say.
  5. Getting back to the hotel on Friday afternoon... getting on Facebook and seeing that two of my favorite people, Caitlin and Evan, had changed their relationship status! ENGAGED! And let's just say that Evan has excellent taste in rocks. ;-) You're the man, Evan! So smart to get up the guts to ask one of the most wonderful people I know to tie the knot. You guys make my heart smile! <3
And the photos!

Enjoying a Mad Tea Party.
Reading Heart of Darkness.
We're not nerds. Heavens no!
Most snoozy ride in the park.
Hollywood Tower of Terror.
At the end of World of Color.
Gay Pride World of Color caramel and white chocolate apple.
The ears are chocolate covered marshmallows.
Just in case the caramel apple from heaven wasn't enough!
Honey pots galore!
I like Rabbit.
I bet that surprises you.
On my favorite kids' ride: Alice in Wonderland.
My mom bought me a Mickey Mouse apron and had my name embroidered on it.
I think it's mighty cute! 
The rest of my souvenirs!
My sister and I split a variety box of Wonderland teas.
And I got that darling tea pot and tea cup set for my new (come June 20) kitchen.
Fun trip! I can't wait to go again in a few years with Emily, Taylor, and Princess Daphne!

4 remarks:

Caitlin said...

All of your pics are awesome! It looks like you had a fabulous trip. We'll have to vacation together someday. :)

P.S. Totally *love* the apple.

Anonymous said...

I loved going to Disneyland with you and loved reading this post! Such a great review of a fantastic vacation.
PS Ditto to some of the greatest days in Disneyland!

Emily said...

I loved reading about the trip! Get ready for childhood fun in a couple years at the Happiest Place on Earth! And I love the mouse ears hat and onesie for Daphne, and the seagull towel! And Taylor likes the sheriff badge - he spent the night trying to get me to say "city sheriff" fast!

TahoeCaitlin said...


And I'm so glad you loved your trip! You've earned a break!! See you soon!