Quartier Latin, etc

This post requires some mood music! I asked a mademoiselle at a bookshop for some popular artistes in Quebec et Montreal (this will stop once I'm back on US soil, I promise). This is one of her recommendations:

This song mentions a bar on rue Saint Denis, which Mayra and I walked a good portion! Yay! Anyway, the photographs!

Outside of Montreal's Notre Dame!
Fin du monde! Sacre bleu!
We went back to old Montreal to see it in the daytime and to check out the old port.
And the lovely Mayra.
We've been doing a lot of this.
LOVE the SIGN. Wanted to steal it.
Walking along the ports.

It was COLD! Windy, snowy/rainy, wet cold.
So we hopped into the market to do a little browsing and to warm up!
Then we enjoyed hot chocolates and, I, a mousse.
This is heaven. This is what heaven looks like.
After warming up and chit chat, we headed to Quartier Latin for shopping and perusing.
This was a hip happenin' part of town.
The best travel companion ever.
Fin du monde! Sacre bleu!
And one last one of Quartier Latin.
Tomorrow is my last day in Montreal. Sadness. I don't want to leave! Tomorrow I have my poster presentation, as do my friends, and I'm going to try to run into some Auburn people. Then Mayra and I will be heading to the airport at 4 AM. :-O And back to reality...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Montreal looks like a great place to visit! Enjoy!

E. Blair said...

Montreal looks pretty aesthetically pleasing!