A New Year's Resolution

I know it is a little early to start making resolutions but...

Jenn L. does posts for various days (like Thankful Thursdays) which I have decided to steal! Here are mine. And though it isn't 2010 yet, I thought I'd get started today!

Scholarly Sundays - Where I shall indulge you with whatever I am reading
Media Mondays - Where I will talk about movies, music, books, or television
Tasty Tuesdays - Where I will post a recipe or just talk about something delicious
Written Wednesdays - Where I will attempt to write a little prose or poetry
Thankful Thursdays - Where I will post something(s) I am thankful for!
Fantasy Fridays - Where I will talk about dreams and aspirations or just plans
Snapshot Saturdays - Where I will upload a picture or two

I will be posting later today a bit about Peer and Romantic Relationships in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. Are you jazzed? You should be!

1 remarks:

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh Natalie! I love them all! I can't wait to see all those different posts on different days.