November Flew By

Dear Blogosphere,

November flew right by and I didn't get another post in! I apologize.

So what happened in November?

*School, school, school and more school. It never ends.
*I went on the most delightful road trip from Davis, to Winters, to Lake Berryessa, to Calistoga, to St. Helena, to Napa, to Fairfield, and back to Davis.
*I gave my first big presentation on Socialization in the Family: Ethnic and Ecological Perspectives.
*I turned TWENTY-TWO.
*I ate the most delicious turkey and gluten-free stuffing with my family in Salt Lake.

I am thrilled because I only have one more day of class left! I still have plenty of work ahead of me, but soon I will be back in my beautiful Utah for the holidays!


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