Faves and Craves

My darling friend, Shahn, did a Faves and Craves post a few weeks ago. I have snagged her idea and am focusing on delicious things!
  • Champagne (and strawberries)! I have come to realize that I could drink champagne everyday for the rest of my life. CRAVE. and fave.
  • Citrus! I've been craving citrus lately and have been eating lots of oranges and minneolas. Tis the season to indulge in citrus and I do, I do indeed.
  • Spinach! Spinach and citrus go together like birds of a feather. Another seasonal fave and crave.
  • Starting to crave summer fruits and vegetables, particularly heirloom tomatoes and rainier cherries. Mmm...
  • Brown rice! I guess I'll put that in the fave category. Nutty and hearty.
  • Brie! At the last First Saturday, Katie baked chicken with brie, apples, and I think almonds. OMG. I have dreams about it! 
  • Goat cheese! Fave. I've been eating lots of salads with spring mixes of lettuce, goat cheese, and a tomato basil dressing. More mmm...ing.
What have y'all been Faving and Craving?

2 remarks:

Caitlin said...

Mmmmmm looks delicious! (Except for the cheese but we all know that I'm not a cheese person...) Today my mom and I combined efforts to make this: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/stracciatella-semifreddo-recipe/index.html
I'm not sure how it'll turn out but the custard tasted great!

Katie said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked the chicken! Brie, mmmmmm...

I have an orange tree in the backyard and lots of oranges for the taking!! Do you want some? I can pick some for you and bring them to class next week, or next time you come over, you can grab a bunch!