March Travels and Sans-Chicken + Dumplings

I have created two travel maps! One of travel plans next month that are definitely coming to fruition:

And one of plans that I hope come to fruition:

Isn't it exciting? My Sagittarius self can hardly wait. Let's get this quarter out of the way and get packing! Chop chop!


My dear neighbor, Sarah, asked if I would let her know what I eat, as she wants new ideas for foodstuffery. It reminds me a bit of that scene from How To Lose a Guy In Ten Days, but never-the-less, I shall share. And why not to the whole blogosphere?
  • Lunch: Brown rice with marinara, carrots and hummus.
  • Dinner: Sans-Chicken and Dumplings. So easy to make. A perfect comfort food. Because chicken is expensive, I just doubled the amount of vegetables. Mmm! Instead of seasoned salt, I used sea salt and TJ's everyday seasoning.
  • Dinner Part II: A little bit more of the chicken and dumplings, most likely, and pineapple.


I think that's about it! Happy President's Day!

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