Spring! and Recruitment!

Recruitment weekend here is officially over. Oy, it was a lot of fun. Kyle called what I got to do "double dipping" -- I got to be a recruit and a recruiter. My favorite question from my fellow recruits were "So, are you planning to stay or go elsewhere?" I... I can't answer that question.

There were a number of seriously fantastic moments, several of them are not family-friendly. Haha. One of the best was when one of my professors came over to me and two other faculty members and told them that I am an information learning machine, especially when it comes to statistics and methodology. Do you know what kind of compliment that is? The finest.

Another great moment was at the student party last night. We had oodles of fun (Katie and Nik are amazing at entertaining) and I had oodles of wine, and was my normal slightly intoxicated, giggly, hilarious self (at least that's how I feel) talking to a couple of people when Caitlin came over to let the recruits know that we really do work hard. Haha. It is rare, unfortunately, to have leg wrestling and grad student pyramids. Most unfortunate.

Then this morning I met one of the recruits who I already adore at the farmer's market. We perused the produce and ate popsicles, and walked around Downtown Davis, finding ourselves at Mikuni for sushi and cocktails. We talked about Mormons and guys, my two favorite topics, then chatting about the program with frozen yoghourt. It's just perfect weather for strolling and frozen treats. Anyway, so much fun, and, well, I think she should come here.

It's been nice to be so social. I've been feeling a little cooped up lately, so it's been nice to get out and see the world around me a bit, and to think about how much I like living here. It's amazing that it's already spring! In February! Ah, California.

Anyway, I hope your mixdiscs are wrapping up well! Monday is the deadline!

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Emily said...

Sounds like so much fun! And your pictures are beautiful!