Out with the Old, In with the New!

i'm so vain. I know this song is about me.
scarf + softy pink shirt = unusually feminine
Several items of business!

(1) How did the mixdisc swap go?

(2) I'm officially visiting that school in Alabama in March! Now that I'm in, I suppose I can start dropping the name. Auburn. I'm going with lots of preconceived notions about Alabama, and the South in general. I know that's wrong to do and maybe Alabama is the place to be. Besides, I already have a new blog title in mind should I do my doctoral work in Alabama! An Auburn Belle at Auburn University. 

(3) I feel super official and professional (and sexy) when I think about doing "doctoral" work.

(4) I registered for graduation! Pretty soon I'm going to be a Mistress of Science. Science and I will finally tie the knot on June 9 and henceforth there will be no more of this Bachelorette business.

(5) I zipped over to the Vacaville Premium Outlets this evening. I had two items on my shopping list. Jeans and a wallet. I ended up with jeans, a wallet, a skinny, shiny belt, a ponytail scarf, a keyring, and an umbrella. All of these purchases completely justified in my book.

(6) I've decided it's time to change my way of living. I get tired of myself about every six months, it seems, so I am due for these thoughts. Last time it involved deleting everyone from my high school on Facebook and subsequently blocking them so as to appear to disappear. I needed a break. This time it won't be as dramatic.

(7) Out with the old, in with the new. To mark this much needed change in my way of thinking, I decided to get a new keyring. I've had this charming one since my sixteenth birthday:

For those of you who've known me for quite some time, you'll remember that I wore only pink during sophomore year of high school. Hence, the pink dog. But this is a bit more Natalie:

Reminds me of my T.W.R. (The White Rabbit), a huge angora from my childhood.

And, on that note, happy weekend!

3 remarks:

Kayla said...

I just had a derp moment when I realized that Auburn is in Alabama and NOT California. I mean, duh! I knew that! I guess when I first saw that you got accepted to Auburn (yay, btw!!) that it was in Cali because I figured you would never leave it. Man, I am so envious of your adventures.

Um, I am a bad mixdisc swapper this time around, because I haven't sent mine out yet. But I've had a really crazy week, and i'm gonna do it today.

Also, I love your new keyring! I need a new one too; maybe today's the day. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest key ring ever! Ben approves.

Caitlin said...

+10 points for the Carly Simon references.