My Life is NOT Fantastic

This is not ok.
I've been running on little sleep and have been barely keeping the balancing act that is grad school in check. All of this, though, does not get me down. You know what does?

No. Diet. Coke. On. Campus.

So, three times now, I have resorted to drinking Coca-Cola Cherry Zero. The cherry does mask the Zero taste, but it is a still a terrible beverage.

I hope you retrieved your tiny violin.

But honestly, aside from the lack of my preferred administration of caffeine and sleep, things have been going very well. I wish I had more time to read all the reading I have (it really is fascinating) and digest all of the stats I'm learning... but c'est la vie.

Happy Thursday, y'all! Hope your mixdiscs are coming along swimmingly!

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! No diet coke! There ought to be a law.
I hope you find some soon. I have resorted to drinking the diet dr. pepper left over from the holidays. It is not diet coke.