That's me, in pink.
I am about to leave campus after being here for ten hours. I graded two hundred anatomy sheets today. After about thirty, I had the order memorized, so grading was... speedy. But it took like seven hours.

mons veneris - clitoral hood - clitoris - vestibule - perineum - anus - labia majora - labia minora - urinary opening - introitus - fallopian tube - fimbriae - ovary - uterus - bladder - pubic bone - clitoris - urinary opening - introitus - rectum - cervix - vagina - anus - perineum - bartholin's gland - seminal vesicle - rectum - ejaculatory duct - prostate gland - cowper's gland - anus - root of penis - ureter - bladder - vas deferens - urethra - glans penis - urethra opening - epididymis - testis - scrotum

I just typed that from memory.

Grading took a long time and I started to get rather lonely during the process. Sometimes students put the most random things. Every quarter I've TAed this class, I've seen students get brain and reproductive anatomy confused. Perhaps it's because lots of these people think with that region of their body. Get it? Oh yeah, I'm funny.

Anyway, back to the whole taffy thing. I feel spread very thin. I've got so much on my plate and I love all of it but I am getting frustrated with the lack of my ability to get quality time with my thesis. I've been trying to work on it all weekend but other things have popped up. So tonight... it's just me and my thesis until I can't see straight anymore.

Grad school is fun. Especially if you're into masochism.

So I'm taking two classes with final papers, writing my thesis, coordinating a study, getting ready to go to Montreal, awaiting rejection, er, acceptance letters from other programs, and TAing. And I'm trying to stay social. While I was grading these projects got larger and larger in my mind. I am getting used to being overwhelmed all the time. But oy, it's still exhausting.

I just need some caffeine.

3 remarks:

Caitlin said...

Aw, it's okay! All will be well my friend. And several months from now you'll be giggling at how you successfully managed to get everything done!

Tahoe Caitlin said...

We can do it! You know why? Cuz we have to!!! Hip Hip! Also, Even though it is alot, you are good at all of it. good news. It will all be just fine :)

Anonymous said...

There used to be a taffy pulling machine on So. Temple west of Main Street. I loved to watch it. Is there a taffy pulling machine in Davis??? It is a great symbol for feeling pulled in so many different directions! And in pink, too! You go girl! Love, PP