Vieux Montréal, etc

Super fun day. Lots of thinking about Davis vs. Auburn. Big decision being made in a big, fun city. Enjoy these photos!

Canadian money is Lisa Frank inspired.
Outside our hotel.
It wouldn't be French anything without a protest!
Yours truly at le palais des congrès.
We had lunch with other grad students of friends of my adviser.
It was very fun. Developmentalists are great people.
We're a ridiculously nerdy, hilarious bunch.
Hehehe. Grabbed snacks before I went to a symposium on dating and girls' delinquent behavior in adolescence!
I was curious about raisin flavored Crush until I remembered that raisin is French for grape.
I think I'm going to invent sundried grape soda.
Later Mayra and I went shopping and walking around Montreal...

This picture is especially for Ali.
The placement of books in this bookstore was pretty hilarious.
And this one takes the cake. Yep, that belongs in the children's section!
Lovely Mayra on our stroll.
C'est moi.
Creepiest thing I have EVER seen. It looked so haunted!
Another view of le palais des congrès.
En vieux Montréal.
One of many photographs of vieux Montréal.
I have to mention that Mayra is so, so, so wonderful to travel with! We're having a blast. We're both very laid back travel types, so that makes it fun and easy. We ended up having dinner at 10 PM in a Polish restaurant in old Montreal. We talked about where I should do my PhD... she's so helpful.

I've got a lot of Mayra love over here!

Tomorrow brings more talks and maybe poster sessions. Definitely some tasty food and hopefully a little schnockering.


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Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Love the bookstore! Have fun!