Ali's Visit: Day 1

It's awesome to have Ali visiting! We had a fun day. We got Thai for lunch then got pedicures...

Enjoying pop magazines!

My pink toes!
Then we got tea at Tea List...

Borrowing my hat!
Our teas! Green for Ali, black for me. 
We were told to meditate on our steeping teas.
Afterwards, we walked around the Pence Gallery (we were inside a camera obscura!), then went to the Davis Food Co-op to get loose leaf teas for a tea tasting, and finally went to Trader Joe's for snacks and dinner. We made roasted vegetables and polenta and Sean joined us for dinner too! For dessert, Ali made a baked apple (amazing!) and we had TJ's Gateau Concorde, a chocolatey, light, "pie" for pi day treat!

Tomorrow, Ali is accompanying me to a lab meeting then we are going to be off to explore/relax/something. It's so nice to have Ali in town. Sister apartment!

3 remarks:

Emily said...

Ahh! So much fun! Wish I was there too.

Cindy said...

You two know how to have FUN! Enjoy!

sarah said...

you two are so cute! love the hat by the way.