Vancouver: Day 4

It is rainy and cold... very cold. I went to a few talks today and then met up with my dad and Caroline for dinner. It was AMAZING. First though, a photo from last night's cross-lab dinner!

It was great fun! It's nice to hear about what research is being done across our labs! Awesome people.

Anyway, dinner tonight was fantastic. We ordered quite a few tasty things at Tojo's. But my roll was so, so good. Best sushi roll I've ever had (and a delightful cocktail too)!

Celebration 2010 Roll -- for the Olympics
In the roll was crab, pineapple, and asparagus. The pineapple was delightful! What a creative addition. Then on top it had tuna, wild Pacific salmon, red snapper, spinach, and egg. It was amazing.

Last day of the conference tomorrow! I am spending the morning doing some sight-seeing with my dad and Caroline. Then I am going to a talk and finally presenting my poster! YAY! Then I leave Sunday afternoon. I already I know I have to come back (probably in warmer weather though!). Vancouver has so many nooks and crannies, amazing restaurants and shops that I just won't get to see! But I must say that the best sushi I have ever had is in Vancouver (also, Tojo taught Martha Stewart how to make sushi and allegedly created the California roll...).


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