Vancouver: Days 5 and 6

Blogging from California! On Saturday, I walked around Vancouver a bit with my dad and Caroline and then went to the conference. I went to a friend's talk and then presented this...

My Poster!
Then we went out to celebrate our last night in Vancouver. We got some really strange version of Mexican food but a delicious, huge margarita!

Megan and Michelle enjoying the tasty Strawberry treat.
Yeah, that's feta on those beans...
Then we met up with April, Seth, and Ben at a nice little bar in Gastown.

I'm holding the captain's stache -- spiced rum shot with a root beer chaser.
Gastown was really cute...

I love the lit trees.
The following morning we headed to the airport to go home. Once we were out of customs, we were in the USA!

Oh, and Burger King has poutine...

My layover was in Salt Lake, but I didn't get a chance to see family which sucked. I did take in as much of my rockies as possible. Got into Sacramento in the evening and hung out with Sean. Yesterday was Stephanie's wedding which was a blast. Sean took lots of fantastic pictures. I only snapped one, of her fun, beautiful cake and candy bar!

Congrats, Stephanie and Jake!! So, so happy for you two. :-D

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