Vancouver: Day 3

Today I had a delicious afternoon snack with a gorgeous gerbera daisy and a view of the harbour.

It's nice to see some color in a very grey city. I'm leaving in a few minutes for a cross-lab dinner (at Sutra, which looks very gluten-free friendly!) but I wanted to blog a little early. It's been a great day of hearing and sharing ideas. I got a list of references for the discussion section of one of my eventual papers, complained to a new friend I've made about people who standardize their measures and then create groups of people from those measures... can't tell how different the groups really are!, and listened to one talk which had some pretty radical conclusions. Some of it I bought, some of it I absolutely did not. But it's all thought-provoking.

Anyway, I am off! Hope you are all having a wonderful International Women's Day!

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