Ali's Visit: Days 2, 3, and 4

It has been so fun to have Ali here! On Thursday, she went to a lab meeting with me and we then did some tea tasting and drove to Rocklin to go to the mall and see his new house. When we got home, we made some delicious granola for our trip to San Francisco!

On Friday, we went to the bay area so Ali could meet Sarah and Gloria! We then went to SF to go to the Exploratorium, Palace of Fine Arts, and the de Young museum. The Exploratorium was awesome. Lots of fun, hands-on activities! Here's us inside a giant kaleidoscope, all taking photos:

We then walked around the beautiful (even in the rain!) Palace of Fine Arts and, afterwards, got a quick lunch at Boudin on Pier 39 and headed to the de Young. It was full of beautiful paintings and it's so easy to catch Ali's enthusiasm for art!

Ali and Big Nose Washington!
A painting of John Brown!
Me with a Georgia O'Keeffe!
My favorite! A California piece.
A floral interpretation of my favorite.
We then made a quick stop at the North Face Outlet in Berkeley, and headed back to Davis for pizza.

This morning, we woke up and headed to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. A piece we were expecting to see was in storage, but we still saw some neat things!

Awesome painting of the Matterhorn!
A favorite! Sacramento River.
Portrait of Sam Brannan!
Interesting man with a fascinating history.
If you are interested in Californian or Mormon history, look him up!
Part of the museum was the Crocker's gilded age home. It was magnificent.

And at the center of the home was this haunting piece:

Chinese army carrying nuclear war heads.
With infants inside.
On a lighter note, there were some lovely Tiffany pieces on display which belonged to the Crocker ladies...

And one last one of Ali on the steps...

So we have been to four museums/galleries! Pretty impressive, I'd say. After going to the museum, we met up with Sean for sushi, naps, corned beef and cabbage for dinner (so easy and delicious!), and the movie Friends with Benefits. It was a very fun St. Patrick's Day! So sad to be dropping Ali off at the airport tomorrow morning. C'est la vie, I suppose.

3 remarks:

Emily said...

You guys accomplished a lot! So fun!

sarah said...

it was so nice to meet you ali. ...and i'd have to say my fav pic thus far is the one of ali and big nose washington, hehe!


Ali said...

So nice to meet you too! I think I did do a rather good job of capturing Big Nose Washington in my facial expression. :)