Vancouver: Day 1

Hello from Vancouver! Today was full of traveling and a little grocery shopping.

I got up very early so Sean could take me to the airport. He dropped  me off with a kiss. :-)

I flew from Sacramento to Los Angeles, and then to Vancouver (...yep). I got quite a bit of reading done...

On the plane I sat next to a woman who is presenting tomorrow at the pre-conference. She is staying at the same hotel as me, so we buddied up and took the train from the airport to the waterfront. We talked about our research, people, and other things. Look how cool the ceiling outside of the hotel is!

The hotel room is really nice. I can't wait until Michelle and Megan get here!

Just kitty-corner to the hotel is a specialty grocery store/restaurant, Urban Fare, that was listed as gluten-free friendly online! Indeed it was. It was similar to the Davis Food Co-op, but with delicious Canadian treats of course.

Such beautiful displays. And I will definitely pick up a bag of these before I leave... I loved snacking on them in Montreal...

Below is some of my loot! Ketchup Lays (so good!), Cadbury Caramilk Secrets, *Kraft* peanut butter, some gluten-free granola bars, and for dinner some cubed mild cheddar cheese and turkey pepperoni, just because it looked delightfully Canadian (and was).

I have the morning tomorrow to explore the waterfront and do a little window shopping. Then it's off to the pre-conference for some talks about romantic relationships in adolescence -- people speaking my language! Yay!

2 remarks:

Emily said...

Keep the posts coming! Have a great time!

Cindy said...

Hooray for Natalie, conferences and Canada! Your hotel looks divine. Enjoy your explorations.