Back to California - Song.a.Day

I've been feelin' down in Atlanta
Immobile in Alabama
I'd rather be in traction
Than to be here where I am
Oh, you Georgia red clay
And green Virginia pines
I've got to make it home somehow
Before I lose my mind

Hey now, Philly, you street city
Been down by the railroad track
I know you can be a sweet city
But I won't soon be back
Haystack towns and smokestack cities
Are nothin' I want to see
My own house on high ground
Is the only place I want to be

So won't you carry me back to California
I've been on the road too long
Take me to the west coast, daddy
And let me be where I belong.

-Back to California by Carole King
I love Carole King. She has got amazing chops, killer songwriting skills, a gorgeous voice, and she played my favorite character on the Gilmore Girls.

And this song contains pretty much everything you need to know about the United States. California is the best. Now, why King lives in Idaho... I do not know. Well, actually she loves her Rockies. I have absolutely no quarrel with that.

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