Elko, Nevada - Photo.a.Day

Here Ali and I are, outside of the California National Historic Trail Interpretive Center, in Elko, Nevada. We absolutely love this quote... we are certainly West Coast-philes!

Yesterday I found out that I would be able to spend the weekend in Salt Lake City! I was so happy to not have to say goodbye to my mom and sister quite yet. We stumbled upon this museum along I-80. It was fantastic! If you ever find yourself in Elko, definitely go check it out. There was a lot of information on the Donner Party and others who took the trails, the military, and 19th century medical practices/tools in the West.

Happy weekend!

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Kayla said...

West Coast-philes are the best kind! That museum sounds like it definitely warrants a visit on my next journey westward. Yay for being in Salt Lake!