I thought about the army...

Today has been a very nice day of walking, browsing, and shopping.

When walking home from Borders, this excellent song came up on my iPod:

Great song, possibly one of the coolest music videos. This will be the first year in three years that I will not have seen Ben Folds live. He's doing a concert up in Deer Valley with the Utah Symphony, dear Utahn friends. So if you go (and I recommend you do), let me know how it is!

I woke up and my internet wasn't working -- oh, the woes of having free internet -- so I went to campus and listened to humorous conversations while reading up on the cool stuff Survey Monkey can do.

I chatted with my mum and sister, watched a little Wimbledon, and headed to the Co-op. They now have Udi's gluten-free bread which is awesome! The whole grain is quite tasty. For dinner I had one of my favorite comfort meals: Toast and tomato. Mmm... mmm.

Then I called my sister to give her some California news. It being summer, I actually know what's going on in the world around me. Gov. Arnold has decided that state employees will only be paid minimum wage until the state budget is passed. Obviously California is in an economic crisis but I think there could have been a better choice. 200,000 state workers may not be able to make their mortgage payments, etc. I don't think his action will help Meg Whitman and the GOP much in the upcoming election.

Finally, I spent the evening browsing at Borders and ran across some excellent deals at Gap... as seen below...

Happy 4th of July weekend everybody! Eat tasty stuff, watch colors explode in the sky, and celebrate the USA!


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