6 Hours in San Francisco!

I had a lovely day in my favorite city! Here's what I did and where I went! (I apologize in advance for the materialism!)

Got a little work done on the Amtrak train. But just a little.

What you see in the window appears to be a reflection... well, it is. But what's really on the other side of the BART train is... the TRANSBAY TUBE! That's right! It goes under the the bay. So freaking awesome. And BART from Richmond is totally the way to go. It is a slick transfer from Amtrak!

Union Square! Interesting weather today, everything from downpour to mist. But it was pretty warm. Certainly warmer than when I was there last year!

First stop was Tiffany and Company. I dropped off a bunch of pieces to get cleaned and polished. The gal who assisted me was very friendly. She asked me about some of the older pendants I have. She didn't recognize two of them! Yep, I'm pretty old school. I also sent in a ring to get resized. I asked where they send them and she said New York... well, actually New Jersey. I laughed and mentioned that no one wants to be associated with New Jersey post Jersey Shore. She brought up Snooki and we talked about her and her *smarts* for a few minutes. I have never felt so sophisticated in my life.

Next, I hit up the Paul Frank Store. It was fun to walk around but I think PF caters to a different crowd than me. Honestly, I haven't bought anything PF since high school and that's probably for a reason. I was tempted by one of the iPhone cases but $40?! I'll take my business to...

Kate Spade. Which I did. The hard polka dot case is on my birthday wish list, but I wanted to see it in person. It is oh-so-cute!

Then I crossed the street over to Coach to check out some earrings also on my birthday wish list. They are even cuter in person than they are on the Internet! I really like the Poppy line. They have some really funky plaid bags and, you know, I'm a sucker for plaid.

And to H&M! I love H&M for so many reasons. There are some really funky, crazy clothes that no one besides mannequins should wear. Another reason is that it is pretty darn cheap. And the last reason is that sometimes the clothes fit you so strangely you just have to laugh. I tried on about 20 sweaters and only 4 of them fit properly. Two of them were "meh" so I tossed them. I ended up getting a really cute, long black cardigan and a black sweater dress. I also got my first pair of leggings (to go with the sweater dress) since third grade. The sweater dress definitely needs something. A colorful scarf or belt.

I also went to Saks Fifth Avenue but didn't take a picture because that place is like a museum! There are a lot of fun coats available there... and none of them are under $3000. The highlight was when I found a sale rack that had some pretty hideous blouses on it. I looked at the tag. Originally $396 now just $216! I did think, for a split second, "that's a great deal!" Then laughed to myself. Someone came over to ask me if she could be of assistance and I said no, "But these are such a great deal!" Hahahaha.

On my way to Sugar Cafe, I saw my name on some signs. Haha.

This is especially for my favorite brother-in-law!

Inside Sugar Cafe in the Theatre District where I got some work done.

My "artsy" photograph of the trip! A BART train speeding through Powell Station.

Goodbye gorgeous, huge, harsh, cold, lovely bay! I'll be back soon.

It's nice to have an escape from the usual every-so-often. And San Francisco is anything but usual. Such a great mix of people, charm, architecture, and landscape. I think it's the New York City of the West Coast.

3 remarks:

Emily said...

Looks like a very fun day! I want a sweater dress too! There are some good deals ($17) at Nordstrom Rack - I think I will go get one this week! Hopefully, they are still there! You have inspired me!
Natalie's antiques is one of my favorite signs! They have the kate spade ipod cases at the apple store at the gateway! I love kate spade jewelry, actually everything, too!

Anonymous said...

I walked around that big smith's on 4th last night hoping a cheap movie would catch my eye, no dice. Then I tried the blockbuster next to my house, was very close to getting 5 for $20 (Fantastic Mr. Fox & The Informant!) but, decided to same my dwindling monies. -Wes

Caitlin said...

Aw, looks like you had a fabulous time in San Fran! I've never been to an H&M but a lot of people have told me how fantastically cheap and awesome it is. One of these days I'll have to go! :)