hello, we've never met before: part two

i have since walked past that with two native californians. both said, "whoa! what's that?" it made me happy to know that perhaps i didn't walk past it last year. perhaps this is a rare thing for that plant to do.

yesterday, as stephanie and i walked past it on our way to recruit some of the first years for our trivia night team, she stopped and touched it. i followed suit. soft and dainty, just as expected. but when stephanie leaned in to touch, the plant rightfully stabbed her in the abdomen. she rightfully cursed it out.

so i held out my hand and ran my palm into a leaf. yes, i concluded, it was sharp.

a quick gracias to my incognito blog followers and self-proclaimed blog stalkers. keep on keeping on!

2 remarks:

sandra said...

this is 'flor de izote'. it's the national flower of el salvador. my family's from guatemala and we use it for cooking.

Natalie said...

Thank you!!!