tonight, my friends

I deleted my Facebook account. The proof is in the pudding!

I've thought about getting rid of my account for about a year because it kind of takes over your personal life. Suddenly, most communication takes place over a network that clearly has security and privacy issues.

But just recently two things happened on there. First, it became incredibly boring to me. Yet I couldn't stop myself from logging in. I realized that with all the time I spend on Facebook, I could grab a coffee with a friend or chat with my brother or sister on the phone. I could read several books. I could take a yoga class and go on long walks. I could sit and think, quietly to myself. All of these things sound fantastic. Far better than fifteen minutes here and there on some "social" network. And finally, I like blogging. I have control over what I put up and how it looks. People only see it if they really want to. So that is that. Fortunately, Sarah is going to quit with me. Strength in numbers!

Isn't it ridiculous? All of this over a stupid website.

Two other things to mention. (1) This is really fun. Just click somewhere and write something: Natalie's World.  
(2) I love this Chumbawamba song and it is slightly related to this post.


3 remarks:

Em said...

Bravo. Facebook can be such a waste of time. Though I still maintain its good for keeping in touch with certain people. I'll have to follow you blogwise then... and gmail! :) cheers xx Em

Emily said...

I agree! Kudos for leaving fb! I applaud you! Bravo! (P.S. I love reading your blog!)

Natalie said...

I'd like to go on the record saying I made it a whole 6 days.