ben and paint

This is another "my rabbit is adorable" post! My mom is painting her (it's hard to not say 'our') fence a lovely green. Ben is doing his best to "help" or adorably get in the way. Ben is very easy to please. All he asks for is your undivided attention!

I miss him. I have to wait until my birthday for some bunny love. Fifty one days.


In other news: I just decided to listen to Fireflies by Owl City in an attempt to give it another chance. It's not the worst song. I've returned that designation to Wait (The Whisper Song) by the Ying Yang Twins. It's good when you blast it through decent headphones and ignore his voice and the lyrics.

Listen to this instrumental version and hum the melody to yourself...


Not too shabby. But why does it remind me of Africa by Toto?


Yeah, I don't know why either. Regardless, it's going to take a lot to drag me away from that song! Hey, hey?

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