october first

I secretly look forward to changing the month on my calendar. A new month. And a great one at that. October is almost as perfect as November. It ends with my favorite holiday. Costumes and candy. Ah, so happy. And I like that it has a deeper, darker side to it as well. Death. Macabre. Spooky.
I already have my Halloween costume ready. I'm being a victim of the Ice Truck Killer. All it involves is nail polish. Cheap, easy, fun. I had lots of ideas this year. Polygamist wife, Fran from Black Books, something involving a wig (I love wigs). But easy and quiet won. For all people will know, my costume is just a fashion statement. 
I am jealous of my friends in Salt Lake who are posting gorgeous pictures of fall leaves on their blogs. Did you know that the leaves don't turn here until late November? That's right.
So I have a few plans for October and November. One is to take a tap class in San Francisco. I know what it's going to be like. Painful and embarrassing. I haven't taken a formal tap class in over three years. Yikes. The other is to take some friends to Napa to see the vineyards in late November. It's breathtaking. Here are some photos from last year:

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