glee and boys' body dissatisfaction

Interesting episode last night; I'm glad the writers brought up boys' body dissatisfaction. I read through most of the comments on hulu and liked this one:
...What I haven't noticed anyone else talk about is the idea of the male body image. It's never really talked about... ever. In anything. It's always about female body issues. I like how Finn has problems with himself and, to a level, Sam. He's the other way around, though, and fully embraces the social norm....
There isn't a whole lot of information about boys' body dissatisfaction out there but we know that boys are generally dissatisfied. Most of the academic literature looks at steroid use among teenagers. It's also difficult to use self-reports of body dissatisfaction (though there's no other way, really, to do it). Girls report more body dissatisfaction than boys but is that because they're more dissatisfied or because it's more socially acceptable for girls to report being dissatisfied?

Things to address in the discussion section of my thesis...

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