Week Five

It's week five here, suckers, so you know what that means!

I've already started taking ibuprofen and setting a water bottle full of Crystal Light Focus on my nightstand so that when my alarm goes off, delicious caffeination promptly begins. Yikes.

Here's what's shaking: I'm behind on my thesis, have a 12 to 16-page paper ("mini-thesis") due on Monday, data management that will get done as soon as I've reasonably caught up on my thesis, and a midterm on Monday. I'm going to put off application stuff until after the midterm.

Thank goodness grad student yoga starts tomorrow! I'm starting to feel... tense. 90 minutes of stretching is going to be amazing.

Anyhow, the moral of the story, the purpose of the post, is to say that I won't be posting until that paper is finished. It's sad that I even have to post that, but it's the only way I'll stick to it. Scheduled posting will continue, as the posts are already written and... scheduled to go.

Have a fabulous week and weekend! See you on the flopside!

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