fire and rain

The above photograph was taken about this time last year (October 14?). It was the first big rainstorm of the season. I needed my shiny red wellingtons that I bought on a rainy, heartbreaking day in Georgetown.

I love dramatic, slightly terrifying rainstorms. You know where the thunder is so loud that your heart jumps out of your chest, but then you laugh quietly to yourself... why all the fuss? I like how the rain makes me want to simultaneously cry, if only I had someone or something to cry about, and act out the classic scene from Singin' in the Rain. I like the way the skies are so cloudy that they are one constant shade of grey and how, consequently, my apartment is dark from dawn to dusk, allowing for restful afternoon naps.

I like turning all of the lights out in my apartment then lighting a few candles. Listening to raindrops irreverently patter on my windows while I watch the flames flicker in response to my breath. Proof that I am alive.

Mmm... rain.

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Emily said...

Yea! I love rain too!