D&C 95:12

So I am sharing a few choice photographs from the past couple of days and there seems to be a theme emerging. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be... sinfully marvelous. First picture is of the last reading for my favorite class thus far in grad school. OK, I really liked research methods, too... so it might be tied. Anyway, I got a kick out of the terms that the authors felt needed to be defined in the article above.

This is what I'm talking about when I'm talking about Two-Buck Chuck. Same quality since 2002. ...haha.

Tonight, after submitting my application, I met up with Ch and Cl (two of the coolest first years -- oy, are they ready for the quarter to be over!) for drinking and, to my delight, games! Delta of Venus had Mormon-opoly! How?! Why?! It even had a Deseret Industries price tag on it. I thought it was a joke until I saw the DI sticker and Cl started pulling out the "Faith" cards:

When a game starts telling you to read the scriptures, you know it's not playing games. So... we played Scrabble instead. (I think the above picture may be one of my favorites of all-time.)

On a related note, Delta of Venus is (naturally) gluten-free friendly! YAY. Not only that, but it's delicious. So I have found myself a new eating establishment. It's very, very close to my apartment and I'm not sure why I've never been before. Check out their dinner menu! I had the coconut curry chicken stew, it was delightful. About $10 but so filling, so much food that I didn't even get close to finishing it. I'll be back... soon.

And, one last thing, two days ago at Rite Aid, I walked past a display of Andes mints. They have a new variety -- "Peppermint Crunch Thins" -- that caught my eye. I went to check the ingredient list for gluten and assumed that it would be malt-y like most crunchy candies. NOPE! It's all corn-based. Happy days... I love crunchiness. 

Life is so good. Delicious food, great people, hilarious games, grad school. Ah. Heaven is on Earth... especially when I bite into one of these Peppermint Crunch Thins. I've always thought Heaven to be a minty place.

Well, that's about it. See you on the flopside!

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