thanks for taking this so well.

It's all ambiguous. It's anger and apathy. It's relief and fear. I want to run from it but I can't just leave. I'm so confused. I want to ignore it.

I wish he had asked, "How are you taking this?" Not thanked me for "taking this so well." Maybe I was, at that moment, taking it just fine. Because I had to. What other choice did I have?

I feel very alone... sad... overwhelmed. So I'm shopping on Amazon to distract myself. Maybe I can ignore all of that until later today. I have a gift card. And a few ideas.

Sexy, fantastic speakers.
Some Le Creuset cookware.
Save it and eventually buy a Mac Mini.
An instant camera.
Textbooks, et cetera.


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Kayla said...

Curse your deliberate vagueness! lol Whatever it is that's made you feel alone, sad, and overwhelmed, I'm sorry for it and hope you'll feel better and have a Merry Christmas. Love you Natalie!