Merry Christmas Eve!

From the family who celebrates Christmas three days late!

I've had a very lovely day. So much to write about! I went to lunch with three of my friends from elementary school, Abbi, Nessa, and Suz. It was very fun to catch up -- all of them are doing amazing, remarkable things! Nessa also brought along Ev, her 6 month old super cute and chubby boy. So sweet. And I headed over to *her* house (I have a friend with a mortgage and a baby!) for a grand tour of the relic from 1960. Holy pink oven, boomerang countertops, and vintage furniture! So awesome!

Then tonight my mom gave me copies of a whole bunch of old family photos that she has scanned. It was fun to tag faces and take notes! Here are a few of my favorites... there are so many good ones but I'll only post five... six!

The Andruses go to LA! On the far right in the white shirt, is my great-grandmother, Pearl. And on the front row on the right, you see a younger gal. She's somehow related to me, too, but directly next to her on the left is Manomas. Manomas is my great great grandmother who was... is a plural wife. I am four generations from polygamy. Pretty crazy, huh? 

My grandparents, Hap and Roma, on their wedding day!

My great grandmother, Clara, holding my grandmother and her twin, Ralph!

My grandmother holding my mom! 

My grandfather and a Model T!

My great grandfather, Clair, playing the fiddle. His twin sister, Orphie, is front and center.
Isn't this photograph all sorts of fun?!

My great grandfather (Clair, again) with my great great grandfather, Richard (not a polygamist) preparing their honey to be sold at the fair. My great great grandfather was a beekeeper AND had a freaking amazing beard.
I think they're quite enjoyable to look at and I'm looking forward to drilling my grandmother for more information!

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