December 25 Festivities

So, my family is celebrating Christmas or what-have-you on the 28th. BUT we had some fun today too. Photographic evidence follows...

"Hey, Ali! That's creepy... go stand by him."

Santa heads as ornaments... creepy Christmas continues.

We had breakfast with our dad at Little America.... Had to get a shot of the chandelier + Creepy Christmas + Ali.

THE best dessert I've ever had (flourless chocolate torte with ganache and crushed candy canes). It's wonderful news for the Morris clan to have a pastry chef in the family! Thanks so much, Misty! I'm probably going to eat the rest tonight...

Wes in shock that I've never heard of John Carpenter let alone seen any of his films. 

My favorite redheads helping cutie pies Madelyn, Clara, and Owen build a Buzz Lightyear spaceship out of Legos.

Some of the Morris gang! (From left: Misty, some gal, Wes, Ali, Paula, mum, grandmum, and Alan.)
Hope you all had a Happy Christmas (or what-have-you)!

1 remarks:

Misty said...

Yeah! It was so nice to see you and I'm glad you liked the torte!

And I looked up cake and torte...

Cake is defined as "a sweet baked food made of flour, liquid, eggs and other ingredients, such as rising agents and flavorings." Torte is defined as "a rich cake made with many eggs and little flour and usually containing chopped nuts". Torte is a decorated cake with several layers. The layers of the torte are often made with ground nuts or breadcrumbs. They are made without chemical leaveners, using egg foams to lighten them. They are most often multi-layered, filled with buttercreams, whipped creams and iced with glazes, marzipan or buttercreams.

So... very little difference. :)