Happy December 16!

My darling neighbor told me tonight that she was surprised I got it all done by Dec. 15.

Haha. It was a little crazy there, let's not lie. And I've had way too much fun this quarter, too much daydreaming.

So what happened Fall Quarter 2010?

  • Three 16-page stats papers. The big three wacky analyses of variance: Straight ANOVA, MANOVA, and ANCOVA (but because of my research question was a MANCOVA). Came out of the class disliking ANOVA. Good old regression is the way to go, people. But don't tell that to my thesis.
  • Wrote a measly 35 pages of my thesis. *sigh*
  • Kept up with season 5 of Dexter. Was a little underwhelmed by the finale... but really, there's no way to top Arthur Mitchell. Perfect villain.
  • Made lots of delicious meals with groceries from the new TJ's!
  • Had a really crazy experience that I can't blog about. Sorry. 
  • Two observations of adolescents in their natural habitat. I took video of the second observation, sped it up, and set it to music.
  • Played a mad game of trivia at Sophia's with Clinton, Caitlin, Carolyn, and Stephanie. We lost. But we had fun doing it! 
  • Found out I'm presenting my research in Montreal next year!
  • Read about 1,150 pages on peer relationships in adolescence. (I already miss that class!)
  • 15 page paper about men's height and dating status. Very enjoyable even though the paper wasn't my best work.
  • Hung out with Caitlin a lot!
  • Didn't see Stephanie enough!
  • Two PhD applications done!
  • Presented a delightful paper written in the 1940s about homophily. Homophily is one of my favorite words ever, FYI. I could say it all day. Also, I love old psychological and sociological research. The studies and methods are so quaint!
  • Presented with the best stats group ever -- Caitlin, Jon, and Lisa -- Jon's work on attachment and mindfulness.
  • Made new friends! And old friends new again! Yay.
  • Got some sort of flu/bad cold that knocked me out for a solid week, mid-November.
  • Revised a study for IRB approval. It got approved with my one revision!

All in 10 weeks.

Now I'm going to finish cleaning my apartment and pack for home. Two weeks in wonderful Salt Lake City with even more wonderful people.

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Caitlin said...

Happy December 16th! I can't believe you got everything done, but doesn't it feel fabulous? Hope you are well! :)