library hopping

Cool, eh? (snapped with iPhone, not my instax mini)
I took my camera out on an adventure today! My sister needed to get her hands on a book at the University of Utah's library, so we went up there. I snapped a photo of her perusing the archives. She stayed up there, getting work done, exclaiming that "I can see myself studying here!" Yay!

I left and drove around the U, feeling nostalgic for my undergrad. Then I went to the main library which is probably one of my favorite buildings in Salt Lake. The above photograph is of a cool piece in the middle of the library. Tiny books with tiny butterflies make up the head. Isn't it sweet? I snapped a photo there as well, which turned out dark and a little menacing. By the way, I am loving my new camera...

(I know it's lame to post a photo taken with my phone. I'll be scanning in my instant photos and posting my favorites on here once I get back to California.)

I've got an appointment with my favorite hairstylist, Casey, tomorrow morning. I'm going to stick with the bob I have had, I think. I'm particularly excited to gush about all the excitement in my life. Gush. I love that word.

And now I'm going to try to get some work done. It's so hard to work when I'm in a good mood. :-(

Woe is me. Haha.

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