holiday cheer, etc.

Holiday Cheer:

Our tiny, elegant tree!
I love my mom's ornaments -- especially the one to the left.
An ill Ali watching a holiday spectacular. 
Et Cetera:

Made a totally delicious soup for dinner. Here's the recipe.
Gentle reminders at Macy's that I'm definitely in Utah.
For the unacquainted.
Lovely day in ye old Salt Lake. Woke up late, picked out a tree, rescued my sister from the literally toxic atmosphere of her worksite, did some gift shopping, cooked dinner (so good!) while my sisters decorated the tree (so lovely!), and then we watched the Glee Christmas special. All of this with delightful chit-chat and banter. AND there was some bunny time. Ben is not too pleased that one of his favorite spots (beneath the baby grand) has been taken over by presents. So he worked on moving them to create a path while I bugged him with a shiny garland. When I stopped, he slowly, one foot by one foot walked toward me and pushed his face against my knees. That means one thing, we both agree, it's time to cuddle. Aww, Ben. You little rascal, I love you, too.

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The Damsel said...

Gorgeous tree! That is so cute, you and Ben. Toby gave me some long overdue snuggle time today as well.