My apologies for the vagueness of my 3 AM post. It was vague because it had to be. Family stuff, you know? But I really needed the emotional release of throwing it out there. So, that's how it goes.

Now for a game! Pick your favorite(s) of the following:



Pearl Bracelet


Sapphire Ring

3 remarks:

Emily said...

I vote for pearl bracelet! It's different than anything else you have and always classy!

Binkey said...

I vote the ring! The first one, though the sapphire one is purty I like the first one most :)

Kayla said...

ooh, I like the rings.

you don't have to apologize for being vague; you're allowed, it's your blog. Just remember you've got friends if you need anyone to talk to who's removed from the family stuff!

P.S. Merry Christmas!