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My sister asked me to brainstorm some questions to ask the candidates for governor, senate, and congress from Utah. I had a lot of fun coming up with some! Here are my questions (some of the wording is a little off. Rough drafty):
  • What are your views on federal and/or state funding for embryonic and/or adult stem cell research?
  • What are your views on nuclear testing in Utah and the Nation?
  • What is your top priority for the State of Utah?
  • In your opinion, what is the number one issue facing Utah's families today? What would you do as a [governor, senator, representative] to alleviate that issue?
  • What will you do to help more of Utah's students afford their college education?
  • What will you do to decrease class sizes in Utah's K-12 schools?
  • Utah is becoming increasingly ethnically diverse. What kinds of benefits and liabilities do you think diversity brings to Utah? How will you foster the benefits and minimize the liabilities as a [governor, senator, representative]?
  • The air quality in much of Northern Utah during the winter is unhealthy and potentially harming our youngest and oldest residents. What will you do to keep Utah's air clean?
  • Utah is famous for its beautiful landscapes. What will you do to protect and promote these areas?
  • Many people are having difficulty finding jobs. What are your plans to help create jobs for blue and white collar Utahns?
  • When you are forming an opinion on a bill or law, who do you ask for advice and information?
  • What is something on which that disagree with your party's (Republican or Democratic) line?
  • What is something on which you disagree with your (potential) constituents? (If you have been in office previously and had a bill or law that you disagreed with your constituents on, what was your decision? Was it difficult to make that decision? How did you decide?)
What would you ask?

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Emily said...

I love your questions. I am going to work on making a list of 10 (seems like a reasonable number, right?) I have added almost all of yours! Thanks!!!