blueberry lemon

Awkward photograph but I wanted both the sign and the soda in the frame. The soda was really tasty. I usually get raspberry but I asked the barista to recommend something new for me to try. Blueberry lemon sounded like, and was, very tasty!

I had lunch at 3rd and U Cafe because I was lazy and was craving a salad. I took my five papers to grade and finished them all while I munched and talked to Andrew as he worked. It was highly successful. So after grading five more papers at my apartment, I decided to go to Mishka's. Not nearly as productive. Only three papers got graded. The people walking by were too interesting.

Only TEN papers left! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

Jaymes (owner of Fat Face and Aisu Pop) has a new popsicle called Blueberry Lemon Yogurt. I want itttt. Your day makes me miss Davis so much.

Good luck with the rest of those papers. You're a champion!