Sushi with Sarah!

First, before I go off on photo tangent about sushi,
Sarah's birthday present!
Six bottle cap magnets! So fun and easy to make.
In Carole King's Tapestry Bowl

And then we decided to go get sushi and cocktails! This was my first time ever having sushi... and it was delicious. We went to Mikuni. And the food photo rant begins...
Gluten free menu!
Cocktails! Sarah got something strong.
I got something girly that tasted like key lime pie.

The Black and White is in the foreground - seared albacore with onions and jalopenos and some sort of amazing sauce.
In the background is raw salmon on rice. Really interesting texture... a kind of buttery goodness.
Our role - the GF4 (gluten-free 4?) with tuna and a tasty barbecue-type sauce on top and steak and avocado in the middle. Was it good? There was avocado. I think that speaks for itself.
One of the highlights of the night was when I was telling her a story with probably no point, and a train passed by. As it did, I lost my train of thought. Just in case you were wondering, I am a cheap, happy, and distractible drunk!


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Kayla said...

Holy cute magnets! You are amazing.

Aaand the sushi cravings begin. :)