paralyzed with indecision!

Dear Blogosphere,

One of the side-effects of capitalism is the outrageous number of choices available to a consumer. I've been wanting to channel my inner Hugh Hefner by buying a robe. I narrowed the selection down to two but can't decide. So... which one?
$25. "Satin". Purple.
$30. "Fabric of my Life". But in...
I prefer the plaid over the purple but I don't know it I like it $5 more. Cotton versus silk? Anyone have a preference?

You should see what happens when I have to buy laundry detergent.


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Anonymous said...

Cotton is easier to take care of and warmer. Silk is, well, silky...hard to take care of though. Hope that helps. Me, I'd go cotton...more practical.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I vote cotton plaid! It is cuter! And I believe it will be more practical!